Some might say what is the point of  fitted kitchen units without handles? And, How would you open the doors without handles? In our experience the main reason is that our prospective client is looking for the ultra sleek, minimalistic look and handles can sometimes make a kitchen look too busy. There are several ways to achieve this look, here some of the options to help you decide if the handleless look is for you.

The integrated rail – a very German style kitchen where a continuous metal rail is fitted along the top edge of  the carcase allowing room for the fingers to open the door. This option tends to work out the most costly.

The `J` Door – A  groove is made in the top of a solid 22mm MDF (medium-density fibreboard) door that resembles a J shape and is then  painted in various matt and gloss finishes. This is probably the most popular way of getting the sleek look, but watch out for cheaper options, some companies will use an 18mm door that is harder to get the average finger size in and the J is weaker and can break.

The integrated handle – This option has the finger grip grooved into the door. This option is probably the most versatile option as the door can be made to measure and is vinyl wrapped which offers hundreds of colours, matt or textured to choose from.

Push to open – A mechanism is attached to the carcase that allows the door to spring open when it is pushed. This option tends to be the less practical as some units will not allow it to work i.e. Dishwashers, fridge freezers etc.

These are the most common options, why not come to our showroom at Thorp Arch, Wetherby and decide for yourself.

Live Well, Buy Well.