We are often asked if it is worth buying cheap kitchen units. The answer is not as simple as you might think. It could be, but only if you have an excellent fitter to get it right.

Cheap kitchen units cost so little because they have been made with the most basic materials i.e. 5mm hardboard backs, low density melamine chipboard and melamine edging (ironed on). They are usually constructed with a glued dowel and in some cases the hardboard back is stapled on. Once you have your new installation in place the quality of the build may not be immediately apparent, but as time goes by – with all the opening, closing, vegetable cutting etc. – cheaper carcases can start to work loose and even come apart. However, a square, solid built, rigid 18mm carcase (including backs) with a PVC edging will stand the test of time. A cheaper product is likely to need further modification at the installation stage or remedial action later on, and this is obviously not cost effective.

You should also consider that a company set up to produce cheap kitchen units is unlikely to stop cutting costs just at the carcase stage. Other components will be of the same lower quality – the hinges will be basic, meaning the doors will not hang level for very long, a cheap drawer box will not glide smoothly, and non adjustable wall unit brackets will need modification by a fitter.

The old saying about “only getting what you pay for” definitely applies to kitchen units as well as most things in life – but you don’t have to overpay. Like for instance our own Nexus range, we have the units manufactured in the UK to our specification. We offer a rigid built, fully assembled, cam & doweled carcase and the cabinets are constructed with 18mm MFC colour co-ordinated board. Our units are made with solid tops & solid backs. Each unit is complimented with Blum integrated soft close hinges, drawer packs are complimented with Blum soft close tandem drawer boxes, and 0.8mm edging tape is used around the carcase – with a 2mm ABS edging to the front as standard. With this quality the fitter will be finished in half the time and your new kitchen will last a lot longer. All this and a lot cheaper than you would expect! So, if you live in Leeds or the surrounding areas come and visit us in Wetherby at our new showroom and see for yourself.

Live Well. Buy Well.