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Gallery by Symphony

Love your kitchen – There is no place like home and there is no room like the kitchen. It is the most important living space of all, the beating heart of every house. It is where families come together, friends chat and couples unwind so the Gallery collection by Symphony has been created to give you a kitchen that you will love being in, cooking in and socialising in – a place where you can share your culinary delights and disasters with your nearest and dearest.

Second Nature

Second Nature’s creative designers scour the world for the latest innovations, whether that’s in materials, shapes or textures or sourcing a new storage solution which will make life in the kitchen that bit more pleasurable. Nowadays the kitchen is an integral part of modern living and has become a multi-functional space so whatever your taste or lifestyle we will have a Second Nature kitchen to suit you and your family.

Kesseler Kitchens

Kesseler is a luxury kitchen brand that is hand built in Britain. With its outstanding combination of detailing, bespoke design and state of the art technology, a Kesseler kitchen will exceed the expectations of even the pickiest customer. As an award-winning product in the art of kitchen design, a Kesseler kitchen will create a striking luxurious addition to your home and with a life-time warranty on all Kesseler manufactured products you can be sure to enjoy the quality for many years to come.

Choose your perfect kitchen from our Gallery collection. Whether you are trying to decide if you want something modern or more traditional, please explore our exceptional classic and contemporary ranges to discover a unique blend of styles, all of which have been inspired and created by our designers to bring your dream kitchen to life. We can’t promise to transform you into Britain’s Best Baker, but we can promise you will love every minute you spend in your new Gallery kitchen creating your own tasty and unique masterpieces.


The Second Nature kitchen range offers a comprehensive range of kitchen styles, from traditional and classic to contemporary and painted. The kitchen is the most important room in your home and requires careful thought and planning so that the end result can be used and enjoyed by the whole family. Second Nature has a very proud reputation for designing and manufacturing an outstanding range of durable, high-quality kitchens, all of which are made using the latest manufacturing techniques.

There is a significant and noticeable difference between carefully-crafted, detailed kitchens and mass-produced kitchens. We can create a kitchen that is tailored to reflect your lifestyle and taste, a kitchen of distinction. Each Kesseler door style boasts the use of the highest quality materials from sumptuous natural or painted solid woods through to eye-catching silk matte and gloss finishes all of which are supplied on a cabinet with a patented joint system. You will not find a kitchen hand built to this standard, at this quality level from anywhere else in the world.